Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caroline Swift Spoons

I spotted these beautiful spoons in Elle Decorations September issue.  Designed by Caroline Swift, these stunning bone china spoons would make a really lovely wedding present I think.  And with a contemporary twist on a traditional style, they would look perfect in a modern or traditional interior.
Oh, and the packaging! A lovely handmade felt bag, tied up with a porcelain tag and rose!
I can imagine these only coming out on special occasions! £56 for two.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New wallpaper from Farrow & Ball

Aren't there some brands out there that have just got it so right? For me, one of those is Farrow & Ball. Their products ooze quality, class and style, and they have kept their independence since setting up in 1946, and still produce the paint & wallpaper down in Dorset where they began.
My other half usually has to drag me past their shop window in Richmond as I gawk in and dream of painting something (anything!) with 'Skimming Stone' or 'Borrowed Light'!
I do tend to associate them more with gorgeous paint colours, but I recently got wallpaper samples of some of their new designs, and they are really lovely.  They are traditionally block printed so have  a beautiful texture and 'handmade' look to them, and aren't the colours great?!
I love how they've used a matching or complimentary colour on the skirting boards in these shots, and I think my favourite has to be the last one, mainly as I am loving green at the moment! ;)
Check out 'The Baroque Papers' from Sept, prices start at £62 per roll.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Barefoot Kitchen

Another lovely shop I've came across recently and worth a look is The Barefoot Kitchen.  Based in Cornwall, they want to 'offer the Cornish lifestyle to everyone who wants to share it.'
The products definitely evoke the feeling of the outdoors and being at the beach - from beautiful bamboo lanterns to hand woven blankets, I can so imagine crowding around a fire and cooking marshmallows on a summers evening!  Oh, and dipping them into melted chocolate using their hot chocolate kit! (below)
They also have listings of farm shops and farmers markets in and around Cornwall, so if you are planning a trip there soon be sure to check this out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whippet Grey

After I featured the botanical charts from Whippet Grey last week, I had a closer look at their range, and there are some fab, if a tad pricey, items on there.... Most of the items that caught my eye are originals from the 40s and 50s, so I guess a higher price tag is justified due to the rarity....  I just doubt I'll ever be able to afford them!!
Although I do like these vintage American flour sacks from the 40's, I especially want the Carolina one! These are only £18 and you can then source a frame for them yourself....
I would love one of these vintage New York subway blinds, dated from the 50's - I've seen lots of London bus ones around, but not so many of these New York ones.... they come framed and are £295.
They only have a few of these vintage gas station price plates left, these are £75 each! 
Some of my other faves are...
a framed set of vintage veg seed packets from around 1915! I love the graphics and fonts on these... they have  1 framed set for £88, or you could buy a set of 30 for £58 and source your own frame...
French metal oyster baskets, great for storage.... £45
vintage fireworks boxes, would look great on your desk... £48

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been having a bit of a 'rustic' moment recently... And Toast's homewares are drawing me in... there are so many of their products I'd love to splurge on right now....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bringing out the Silverware

I have to say, I tend to breeze past the silverware stalls at markets, it doesn't tend to do much for me.  Certain pieces of vintage cutlery jump out at me, but in general I ignore it.
But maybe I'll take a second glance after seeing how stylist Hannah Simmons has made these pieces of silverware look really beautiful...

just by adding some colourful flowers and adding other textures it seems to have transformed these pieces... I especially love the teapots in the first shot!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anatomical & Botanical charts

I have written about 'school style' before back in Dec '09 and it still seems to be a popular theme, at recent markets I've visited there are lots of wooden school chairs, globes, measuring jugs etc.
Another popular theme at the markets seems to be vintage medical equipment... I've seen lots of old operating theatre lighting, which would look great in an industrial space, along with some fantastic medical and anatomical wall charts.... If I'm honest they are not something I'd been keen to gaze at while eating my breakfast, but there is something appealing about them in a strange way!
Etsy seems to be a good place to pick up some interesting ones... top pic is from here, 2nd pic from here , and 3rd from here  (my fave!)

Although perhaps for the squeamish among us, these botanical charts are a better option, of which Whippet Grey do some lovely German re-issued ones for £48.
I think they look fab here: 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because..... Trevor Dixon

As Philadelphia photographer Trevor Dixon's first image here says, I am posting these just 'Because' !
I look at a lot of photographers work in my job as a picture editor, although I don't necessary need interiors photographers for work purposes, I often have a little peek if one cathches my eye, and today I came across Trevor's portfolio, and thought I would share! I love the flower drawings in the first image and the colour of the chairs against the baby deer painting in the second shot.  I won't go through what I like about each one, but I think they are all lovely!! xxx

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