Thursday, November 3, 2011

Craft Cafe Revolution

There was a day when visiting a fabric shop / haberdashery was a less than thrilling experience, often pokey with drab interiors, and usually with a choice of fabrics that left a lot to be desired.... but these days it is most definitely the age of the craft cafe! With bright, airy and quirky interiors, the many craft cafes popping up around London and the whole of the UK, is where many people are choosing to spend their weekday evenings, or weekend afternoons.  Learn a new skill, meet some new people, or just purchase some fabric for your own crafty projects at home - what could be more pleasant?!
If you haven't already, here are a few of the London based venues worth a look... 
 The Papered Parlour   (Clapham)
 The Make Lounge   (Islington)
Homemade London  (Marylebone)
 Sew It Over  (Clapham)
 Ray Stitch  (Islington)

Oh, and if you are in the North West London area, there is a brand new craft venue opening in Northwood soon! Shipshape Studio - follow them on twitter to find out about the launch! @ShipshapeStudio


  1. These are great and so close to home for me. I will be checking them out! Thanks x

  2. You have inspired me to hop on the train to London on Saturday!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I have been dying to visit one, if not all of these. I wonder if there are any in Birmingham?

  4. Rebecca PortsmouthNov 3, 2011, 8:15:00 PM

    Brilliant article! A friend and I were in a similar cafe today in Deptford - Blossoming Together and she hadn't known of craft cafes - have sent her the link since she lives in Clapham and is very well served with them, it seems.

    Blossoming Together only opened recently - it's mentioned by a local blogger - The Deptford Dame - here -

  5. These all look lovely - I'm a big fan of Raystitch for online shopping already. I wish there was something similar in Guildford (maybe there is and I just haven't found it yet?)

  6. Beautiful shops! I think I saw, this morning, a old marie claire idées where Make Lounge comes in a photo.

    This morning, when I watch that store, I think it was incredible, great colors, beautiful materials, yarns and now I find it in the internet!

    It's great! Have a nice day!


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