Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage shopping - Spitalfields

I've been meaning to post these pics all week, but typically the week has just flown by, I don't know where the time goes! Last weekend was my birthday, so armed with my birthday cash, we took a jaunt over to Spitalfields market, where Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair was on.  Shopping for my wedding gives me real purpose, so i was whizzing around the stalls stocking up on props and adding to my crockery collection.  I also treated myself to a lovely new coat!
The quality of the stalls was really good, and I must say the majority were - as the event name suggests - affordable! yay!
my new coat! and a top which was £8!

One of my favourite stalls was this one in the above 2 pics - it was jammed packed with quirky and pretty items! I could have spent loads, but had to restrain myself a little! It is run by Rebecca who also has an online shop, called I Heart Vintage! hurrah!
Here's a few of my fave picks from the website:

See here when and where the next Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair will be - they are not only in London! Oh and if you're in Spitalfields area today the We Make London designers will be there selling their wares! Have a great weekend! xxx


  1. Wow what an amazing fair. Worth a trip to London methinks *plots*

  2. Ooooh that looks fab - wish I'd known about it ... although my bank would probably think its better that I didn't!

  3. Oh I do miss London sometimes now I'm living out in Buckinghamshire, especially the lovely markets at the weekend. I used to have a little stall at Spitalfields for a while a few years back selling my handmade things. I loved the atmosphere there. Don't know how I managed it though as I lived in Battersea a the time and didn't have a car so took all my items by bus in a big suitcase and numerous large bags. Probably looked like a bag lady! Fiona x


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