Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY: Silk Lanterns project

The 3rd issue of Crafty Magazine is out on Thursday, and I think it might be my favourite cover so far. I love the colour scheme, and I like how the lanterns appear to be hanging from the title!

As a little sneaky peek of the new issue, the lovely folk at Crafty have shared with me one of the silk lantern tutorials which feature on the cover. This project by Laura Clempson of Cupcakes for Clara is perfect for those balmy summer nights which I am sure are on their way!

round paper lantern / Sellotape / 1m silk fabric / scalpel or sharp scissors / fabric glue / needle & thread / bias binding (if desired)

1 / Cut the paper from the lantern in sections. You’ll need to keep strips of paper attached along the seam lines to act as supports.
2 / Once you’ve finished cutting, cover the remaining strips with Sellotape to give them a little extra strength. Cut your silk into 2” strips, allowing enough length to cover your lantern from top to bottom.
3 / Start gluing your silk strips to the lantern, leaving extra length at the top and bottom. It’s easiest to attach the first silk strips to the paper supports. Silk frays very easily, so be careful when handling it.
4 / Continue to glue the silk strips all around the lantern until you’ve covered every gap. Once the lantern is covered in silk, leave the glue to dry thoroughly before neatening it. Trim the extra lengths of silk at the top and bottom of the lantern to about ½”.
5 / Roughly stitch the raw edges you’ve just cut around the top wire of the lantern. This will neaten the appearance and keep it secure. Repeat at the bottom. If you want an even neater edge, you can glue or sew a strip of bias binding around the top and bottom edges. Voila! A pretty silk lantern perfect for decorating your garden party.

For the tube lantern tutorial and lots of other crafty goodness, pick up Crafty Magazine this Thursday!

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