Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crafty Fox Market - top picks

As I mentioned yesterday, I popped along to the Crafty Fox Market last weekend. I've been meaning to visit this regular market for ages, so a birthday weekend browse seemed like the perfect opportunity! I didn't take any of my own photos, mainly because I was so engrossed browsing the busy stalls, and also the light was quite low in the venue, so they probably would have been awful anyway! So I thought instead, I'd just share a few picks from some of my favourite sellers from the day. It's great discovering new makers and designers, so be sure to bookmark your faves for the next time you need a gift or a treat for yourself! :)

Butterscotch and Beesting

Fawn and Rose
Lulu and Luca
Prickle Press

Sally Nencini
My only purchase from the day was one of Fawn and Rose's gorgeous necklaces, which you might have spotted already if you follow me on Instagram...

I could have bought lots more! It's a great little market, have you been before?



  1. yes, i love fawn and rose! such lovely jewellery. haven't heard of butterscotch and beesting, but those cushions are cute!

  2. I really love the cushions by lulu and luca. I might check them out.


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