Monday, October 7, 2013

Mixing Rustic with Pastels

Despite it still being unseasonably warm here in the UK, Autumn is definitely here. As soon as the nights start getting darker all I want to do is snuggle inside with a cosy blanket, a good cuppa and a stack of magazines! I'm a huge fan of the rustic, organic look at the moment; lots of natural materials like wood, stone, wool and linen. To me, its such a comforting and relaxing style of interior, perfect for this time of year as we enjoy cosy nights in by the fire. But as I also love a shot of colour here and there, especially in a pastel palette, I really like the idea of mixing these two trends together....

I think it works well as it's not overly feminine, but gives a hint of prettiness with the shades of pastel.  Plus I'm a huge fan of contrast - rougher lines and textures juxtaposed with the softness of mint green and dusty pink pleases me...

Left: via  Right: via Pinterest
Hallys - Helen Cathcart
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
Here are some of my top finds from around the internet and the high street to mix the organic/rustic look with pastels....
Geometric Cushion - Neon Vintage on Etsy - £23 (approx)
Wooden candleholders - Decorators Notebook - £15
Deer Print - The Calm Gallery - £18
Ceramic milk jug - Ebury Home & Garden  - £18
Jute Rug - Loop the Loop - £24.95

1. Wood effect curtain - H&M - £12.99 / 2. Chevron cushion - Tori Murphy - £65 / 3. Concrete Vase - Ruby Roost - £12.95 / 4. Knitted blanket - H&M - £34.99 / 5. Ceramic vases - French Connection - £35 each / 6. Woodlands cushion - Chocolate Creative - £60 / 7. Wood tray - Decorators Notebook -£60 / 8. Cat print - The Hambledon - £19.50 / 9. Lantern - Toast - £29 / 10. Pirum Parum Poster - The Modern Baby - £28 / 11. Copper bowl - Ruby Roost - £55 / 12. teapot - Oliver Bonas - £12
Handcrafted bowls - Rowen and Wren - £32 each
Display Dome - £76; Stone effect Vase - £39 - both Rockett St George

Chevron cushion - Tori Murphy - £65
Creamer Jug - Rowen and Wren - £42
Wooden coat hook - Rose and Grey - £14.50
Metal display unit - Rose and Grey - £75

What do you think of this idea? Are you a fan? x

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  1. Glad I found you! Came from At home in Love.

  2. Big fan! It's how I decorate my home..

  3. I love this style too, I just returned from a fair in Amsterdam called as some of my products were there, you would love it, it is full of inspiration, will do some posts soon. Thanks for the mention!

  4. I love this style. Rustic and white is homely and warm, but I think every home needs a bit of colour. My lounge has a large block of red on the wall, which I have then continued through to other rooms with accessories/cushions/art. I love the dipped chairs above, its a subtle addition of colour so it doesn't disrupt the balance of rustic/white, just completes the look. Thats why pastel colours are great as they aren't in your face, they blend in :O)

  5. Have you seen this idea?
    The half painted bentwood chairs reminded me of them.


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