Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our porch makeover

Ok, I admit this isn't going to be the most exciting makeover project you've ever seen. It's the smallest area in the house, and there isn't exactly much going on there, BUT the hubby and I are quite proud of our first ever tiling project in the porch area, so I thought it was worthy of a mini makeover post!

As you'd imagine, when you buy a house the porch isn't neccesarily your first priority, which in a way is silly, as it is the first area that guests see of your home! But I suppose it often becomes a bit of a thorough-way, often where bikes are parked and recycling is stored waiting for collection day... not somewhere you spend much time. But as you can see from my 'before' pictures below, it was looking pretty grotty. I hated that blue gloss dato-rail from the day we moved in, and the white walls were so scuffed they were practically grey. The walls were quite damaged and uneven too....

So we decided the best course of action was tiling the bottom half. It would hopefully disguise the unevenness and damage, and also prevent future scuffs from bike handlebars. Firstly we painted the walls bright white including the date-rail (yes!) and then went about some DIY tiling. The tiles came from Ton of Tiles, they looked exactly like some I'd been perusing in the Fired Earth shop, but a good bit cheaper. We choose Crackle Glaze tiles in Lime House Green.

I had been on the look out for a large vintage enamel advertising sign, but was struggling to find any, let alone one that was right for the space. Then I came across this flag on the Pedlars website, and we decided it was perfect! We still have one last thing to do, which is to install a light. I bought one of these industrial style fittings from Trinity Marine - who sell lights that were originally on ships, which I just love! Only thing is, its probably going to take us months to get round to getting that fitted!

As I say, not the most exciting makeover post ever, but would love to hear what you think! ;)



  1. Wow, it's incredible what a difference it makes! Those tiles are absolutely stunning and they make the lovely original floor tiles really stand out more as well. (I had been ogling those exact tiles at Fired Earth as well, so I am very pleased to hear about a cheaper option!)

  2. It looks amazing! Love the combo of your new green tiles with the original black and white. Gives a kind of '20s feel. You should be proud indeed!

  3. Great choice of wall tiles. And the floor tiles - swoon!


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