Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Children's room wallpaper

Wallpaper has never been more popular. You no longer have to go and browse a poor selection at your local DIY store, there are so many options online these days, and when it comes to decorating a nursery or kids room, there's no need to go for something 'kiddie' either.

When they are young and you still have some control over what their room looks like, it's chance to go for something that's stylish but that is still youthful and fun. I've been doing some research for our soon to be baby room, and these are some options that have caught my eye. I'm still deciding what to go for - which do you love the most?

Childrens room wallpaper - Love Mae
Floating feathers - Love Mae - approx £160
Childrens room wallpaper - This Modern Life
Harlequin in mint - This Modern Life - £59.95

Childrens room wallpaper - Fine Little Day and Nubie
Mountains - Fine Little Day - £32m2 / Into the Wild - Nubie - £70

Childrens room wallpaper - I Love Wallpaper
Caselio Alice - I Love Wallpaper - £19.96 / Caselio Cairo - I Love Wallpaper - £19.96

Childrens room wallpaper - Love Mae
Pocohontas Spring - Love Mae - approx £160 / Confetti - Love Mae - approx £160
Childrens room wallpaper - Lile Sadi
Soft triangles - Lile Sadi - £33m2

Childrens room wallpaper - Mini Moderns
Moo! - Mini Moderns - £50

Childrens room wallpaper - Rockett St George
Dogs - Rockett St George - £95 / Cats - Rockett St George - £95  
Childrens room wallpaper - Mini Empire
Forest Spice - Mini Empire - £31m2


  1. Into the wild is stunning- although perhaps too pricey for a wall that may one day be scribbled on in crayon (in my house, anyway :p) xxx

  2. You are truly the "BOMB" !! I love how this project looks.. you make everything look so simple. Inspiring Wall Decal Designs For Kids Room

  3. i would love to design some wallpaper one day! i love the soft triangles one, and the last one.

  4. I jut love this collection, especially the Moo! print by mini moderns.


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